School Experience

I temporarily attached with a govt school near Bhopal for three months. It is field visit. NCERT made it compulsory to have its faculty the experience of school teaching. I joined this school on 12th November. I am getting very different picture in this school.
I already worked as a school teacher before joining NCERT. At that time I was traditional teacher with good content but less pedagogy. Now less content but good pedagogy. But content is never a problem for me. Anybody can recall the content within almost no time.
I am taking classes of VI, VII and VIII. But here conditions are really different.
1. students from low socio-economic rural background
2. almost no teaching in previous classes
3. irregularity of students due to various reasons
4. Not able to read even in hindi (not all)
5. so on…………..

But the best part is they are responding me. they are eager to learn. and I’ll certainly enable them to learn.
कौन कहता है आसमाँ में सुराग नहीं हो सकता,
एक पत्थर तो तबियत से उछालो यारों।


About Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandagale

I am an Associate Professor in Education in NCERT presently posted at Regional Institute of Education Bhopal which is a constituent unit of National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi. Since last 16 years, I am working here in different capacities like, State Coordinator of Maharashtra and Goa, In-charge of Educational Technology Cell, In-charge of Information and Communication Center, Coordinator of Working With Community programme and Coordinator of EDUSAT programme. State Coordinator of Maharashtra for Research Study on SSA, Member of monitoring team for Chhattis Garh on SSA, Team member of National Achivement Surey (NAS). I visited Kunming, China in 2007 to attend workshop on ICT sponsored by UNESCO Bangkok. In 2008, I attended II workshop on ICT at Brunei Darussalem. Recently, in January 2013, I visited United Kingdom. During my seven days study tour, I visited Nottingham, London and Bristol.
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